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Cancer treatment in Spizhenko Clinic


According to the results of 2011, the medical center "Cyber Clinic Spizhenko" in the person of its head Natalia Yurievna Spizhenko was awarded a special prize "For Selfless Service to People, His Motherland and Profession" by the nationwide program "Man of the Year 2011"

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How to get to the Spizhenko Clinic
Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, s.Kapitanovka, st. Soborna (former Soviet), 21
Motorway: Kiev-Chop М06/Е40 Coordinates for GPS: N 50°26`33, E 30°11`03
Visual landmark: filling "AMIC" on the left (in the direction from Kiev) side of the highway, turn - right after refueling
You can get to the clinic from the metro station «Zhitomirskaya» using the following shuttle buses: №/№ 373, 375, 376, 722, 750, 761, 770, 771, 772, 826 (get off at stop «Kapitanovka»)

Spizhenko Clinic - cancer and oncology treatment in Kiev

Since 2009, the Spizhenko Clinic has been leading its history. It was this year that a specialized CyberKnife Center appeared in Ukraine, the first oncology center in Eastern Europe, which offered innovative treatment of tumors using the robotic radiosurgical system CyberKnife to patients from Ukraine and abroad.

Since that time, the Spizhenko Clinic passed a development path full of various events, the logical stage of which was the creation in 2016 of a multidisciplinary Oncology Center on the basis of the new buildings of the Clinic.

It was with the construction of new buildings of the Spizhenko Clinic that modern operating rooms were equipped, a ward fund of a surgical hospital was formed, the capabilities of the chemotherapy department have been significantly expanded. At the same time, the elegant style of interior decoration was preserved. As on the first day of the Clinic's work, the interior does not in any way resemble a hospital in the traditional sense. The hall, the wards, the advisory department, the day hospital are more like a boutique hotel than a medical center thanks to the design design.

However, the most important aspect for the patients of the Clinic - the highest quality of treatment - has been preserved and increased. Today, the patient's health is still guarded by the most modern technologies for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, which have proven their effectiveness in world medical practice. The uniqueness of radiosurgery on CyberKnife is complemented by modern radiation therapy (IMRT, electron therapy), the capabilities of organ-preserving surgery and neurosurgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, targeted therapy.

At the same time, on the basis of the new buildings of the Spizhenko Clinic, the Center for Family Medicine and the Center of modern innovative surgery, which concentrated the early (preventive) detection of oncological diseases and the treatment of non-oncological diseases (vascular diseases, arteriovenous malformations, pituitary adenomas, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.) into separate areas of activity.

And on this the development of the Clinic did not stop, but, on the contrary, received a new impetus. As before, the Spizhenko Clinic works closely with the best oncology clinics in Europe and the world. We not only develop on the basis of advanced world experience and implement the most advanced approaches to comprehensive cancer treatment - the scientific developments of the Spizhenko Clinic are highly respected by foreign colleagues. The specialists of the Clinic undergo constant advanced training, the scientific department is working.

All these efforts contribute to maintaining at the highest level the most important indicator in the work of the Spizhenko Clinic - the quality of treatment and diagnosis of cancer and other serious diseases.

Spizhenko Clinic - the highest competence in cancer treatment since 2009!